Temporary Hiatus From Bible Study

New Projects

Hello my fellow BIble Study students!  I just wanted to put up a quick post to let you know that God has me working on two new projects.  These two projects are …

  • Why Two Covenants
    • Study Hebrews and related passages
    • Study Galatians and related passages
    • Research Old and New Testaments
  • How Not To Be Deceived

Since these projects are going to take quite some time to compile the research and then organize into something coherent, the Bible Study will temporarily be suspended.

Please pray for me that the Lord would guide my studies, and give me His Words to write; that there would be nothing of me in these projects; that they would be nothing but His Words imbued by and through His Spirit.

Thank you!  I appreciate every single one of you!!

Be Not Deceived
Author: Be Not Deceived