Welcome to Be Not Deceived

Welcome to Be Not Deceived New Readers!

Please excuse the dust and cobwebs while I get situated setting up my new home.

In the meantime, I invite you to read Why ‘Be Not Deceived’.  This page outlines the purpose for Be Not Deceived, and the Biblical text which is the basis for which I started the blog.

I am working on several Be Not Deceived topics that I will cover, hopefully, in the near future.

I also have plans for articles covering …

  • Repent and Turn to God
  • Confession and Baptism
  • Believe and Receive
  • Walking the Walk
  • Are You a Pharisee
  • Are You Producing Fruit
  • Is Your Light Shinng
  • Do You Have Ears to Hear

I do hope you will stop by once I have more fully ‘move-in’.

Thank you for stopping by Be Not Deceived!

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