G5481 - charaktér

From the same as charax; a graver, i.e. engraving, the figure stamped, i.e. An exact copy or representation).

HELPS Word-studies

5481 xaraktḗr – properly, an engraving; (figuratively) an exact impression (likeness) which also reflects inner character.

[5481 /xaraktḗr was originally a tool (used for engraving) and then came to mean “a die” (“mould”). Finally it stood for a stamp or impress used on a coin or seal (see H, 368). In each case, the stamp conveyed the reality behind the image.]

The Greek fathers (ad 100 -500) used 5481 /xaraktḗr (“the ultimate radiance”) of the supreme effulgence of Christ, showing forth His glory as the second Person of the eternal Godhead (Heb 1:3).