It will be found still to bring strength and purpose to those who will take the trouble to bring all their life under control of the inspiriting assurance that they are living in covenant with a God who has sworn faithfully to fulfill in them every promise He has given.


  • … to show what exactly the blessings are that God has covenanted to bestow on us
  • what the assurance is the Covenant gives that they must, and can, and will be fulfilled
  • what the hold on God Himself is which it thus gives us
  • what the conditions are for the full and continual experience of its blessings

Question from one of Murray’s correspondents …

Am I wrong in coming to the conclusion that we may come boldly into God’s presence, and not only ask, but claim a Covenant right through Christ Jesus to all the spiritual searching, and cleansing, and knowledge, and power promised in the three great Covenant promises?

Murray’s one great desire …

… are you really seeking to find out what exactly God wants [you] to be, and is willing to make [you]?

Interesting thought …

As long as we expect God to do for us what we ask or think, we limit Him. When we believe that as high as the heavens are above the earth, His thoughts are above our thoughts, and wait on Him as God to do unto us according to His word, as He means, we shall be prepared to live the truly supernatural, heavenly life the Holy Spirit can work in us — the true Christ life.

  • Notice ”… and wait on Him as God”

Murray’s prayer …

May God lead every ready into the secret of His presence, and ‘show him His Covenant.’